ORI Mcloud

Internet Data Portal

Worldwide, without additional software, inside a web browser, you can check their registered measurement devices, the respective device sta-tus and the measured value curves of their various series of measure-ments. Download it to your local computer as an Excel file, for a further processing. Easily from anywhere an Internet access is available.

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  • Direct access to the collection of data, sorted by measurement points.
  • Graphical representation on the internet, e.g. plotted various measuring instruments together over a period
  • Excel-Export for local data analysis
  • GPS localization of their instruments on a vector map within your Web browser
  • Simple integration of further measurement instruments
  • No additional software is required
  • TÜV verified server according to "Trusted Site TSI V3.0 Level 1"

The Mcloud is a multilingual WEB-portal to monitoring your ORI measurement stations. The measurement data are trans-mitted periodically or in the case of an event, directly via GPRS to the password protect-ed Mcloud Server.

Graphical presentation of the individual sensor data and time periods (selectable). Measure-ment data from different de-vices/sensors can be displayed graphically for a common peri-od.

List all registered devices with status bar are displayed (eg last transmission date, battery ca-pacity, signal strength, etc.).

Licence-based accounting sys-tem, i.e. per device you buy a temporary licence number. During this period you can store any number of measured values.

The first 30 days after device registration, the Mcloud is usa-ble without licence. After expiration of the licence, no more data are stored in the database. Good time prior to the expiry of the licence you will be informed.

By purchasing a new licence number for the device, all data functions are enabled again.

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