ORI Mini

ORI Mini - ATEX certified sampler unit

The pump module can be used both as a mobile dosing unit or in addition with the Mlog or NEMO T transmitter for event-controlled sampling.

ATEX certified
for zone 1/2


  • ORI Mini
    Simple sampler that starts a time-proportional sampling programme at the push of a button. Settings are made through the ORI Mini Manager software
  • Mlog & ORI Mini
    In combination with the 3 channel transmitter/logger ORI Mlog, an event proportional sampling can be performed with the ORI Mini.
  • NEMO T & ORI Mini 
    10 channel transmitter/logger NEMO T with full sampling function (for time- (CTCV), event- (E), volume- (CVVT) and flow-proportional (CTVV) sampling into a 10 L collection drum)


Dosing unit

Optimized for a wide range of sampling tasks


Peristaltic pump

  • Variable dosing volume from 20-26000ml
  • proven technology
  • especially economical
  • for immediate event (with Mlog)  and time (CTCV), volume (VTCV) and flow proportional sampling (CTVV) (with NEMO T)
  • minimal contact of the sample medium with foreign materials
  • No heel behavior of heavy particles during dosing
  • more gentle sampling for light volatiles
  • especially suitable for event sampling (also larger volumes with only one dosing up to 26000ml)
  • Sampling also possible at overpressure up to 1bar
  • diverse start options, up to 3 alarm limits per connected sensor, prepared for iSampling 4.0 (with NEMO T)
  • ATEX certified acc. to II 2G IIB T4 for use in sewage shafts



  • NEMO logs all relevant data, such as measured values, sampling dosages and further service data in the internal 8GB data memory
  • When using the ISM sensors, further characteristic data such as DLI (dynamic life), serial numbers...are stored

4G / LTE

  • The NEMO product range can be optionally supplemented with a 4G (LTE) modem
  • ATEX certified for II 2G IIB T4 it can be used to communicate within Zone 1, directly from sewage shafts or other hazardous areas
  • Data can be transferred periodically or event-driven via e-mail, FTP or in parallel directly to the Ori Mcloud
  • Sampling can be started or operating states queried via SMS

RS 485 Modbus/RTU

all logged data such as:

  • Sensor readings
  • Sampling log data
  • Alarm values
  • Thermostatization characteristic values

can be read out via corresponding registers through RS 485 Modbus/RTU interface

Display unit

  • large OLED display
  • Operation with magnetic pen
  • Scratch and shock resistant safety glass
  • LED status bar
  • See the status from a distance
  • Check representative sampling-only when LED is green, laboratory analysis is worthwhile
  • RS485 & USB
  • Bluetooth

More than just a display unit

  • Mobile 8GB USB Storage - Sampling and measurement data can be read on-site at the instrument and transferred to the display memory
  • Transfer data to office computer via USB or Bluetooth connection
  • Display unit can also be installed up to 30m away from the device. Also important when installing the devices in the sewage shaft.
  • Hot swap capable even in the Ex area- with only one display can be operated several devices

Atex certified premium transmitter

  • 10-channel measuring device with logger function for the measured variables pH, ORP, conductivity, oxygen, temperature, level, weight, water detection sensors, temperature and pressure sensors of the CEX1/2 cooling units...
  • for monitoring processes even in hazardous areas of zone 1+2.
  • sensors often even zone 0
  • offers various trigger possibilities for event proportional 4.0 sampling
  • in shock-resistant plastic housing or in stainless steel design in combination with the NEMO dosing module
  • mobile with battery unit or stationary as wall- or pole-mounted unit or integrated in the NEMO sampler
  • Data transmission via RS 485, USB, Bluetooth or integrated 4G (LTE) modem


Intelligent process sensors

Plug and Play connection of up to 4 digital ISM Mettler Toledo or EOG sensors to the NEMO transmitter in parallel possible.

With predictive maintenance and sensor diagnostics
The predictive maintenance features of the NEMO Transmitter provides diagnostic functions for the Mettler Toledo ISM sensors, such as a dynamic life indicator (DLI). This information reduces the need for maintenance as well as the risk of unplanned downtime due to unexpected sensor defects. You will be informed when maintenance or calibration of the ISM sensors is required. 


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