BASIC mobil mit aktiver Kühlung

Basic mobil / ORI Cool

BASIC mobile with active cooling

Automatic mobile sampler for time-, volume-, event- and flow proportional sampling of fluids. In addition to the established sampling techniques and the ability to adapt the automatic sampling to your requirements, the ORI Cool Sampler has an integrated, active cooling unit. The refrigerator can be powered with camping gas, 230VAC or 12VDC. This covers a wide field of applications.

Furthermore the sampler is…


  • Manoeuvrable and strong design
  • Smooth-running, big transport wheels and foldable handle for easy handling, also in terrain.
  • Completely wireless productivity on battery and propane / butane gas offers a universal range of use!


  • Easy / comfortable programming with four buttons and a clear display
  • Start/Stop buttons for sampling
  • Easy operation of cooling- and sampling-unit.


  • Different sampling modes: time-, volume-, eventand flow proportional
  • Direct connection of flow meters and event-signals via analog or digital inputs (4-20mA or potential free contact).
  • Possibility of different bottle sizes (standard size 1x 6,5l ), Reserve space for a second bottle in the refrigerated container.
  • Cooling volume 41l
  • Operation of the cooling system from the electrical system with 12VDC, 230VAC or propane / butane gas.
  • Sampling in battery mode (idle mode for long operation time), optional with power supply.
  • Optionally quick battery change system.
  • Easy to maintain - e.g. change of the pump hose within 2 minutes
  • Pump hose in different materials available
  • Widely proven and robust peristaltic pump system
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