Probenahme Modul

Sampling Modul

Remote sampling even within Ex zone 1

The sampling module starts a sample or a sample sequence (like a qualified
sample) via a potential-free contact (e.g. push-button), via RS485 or
is triggered by the connected multiparameter data logger Mlog.

When triggered by a button, the duration of the button press determines
the filling time of the container. When triggered by the ORI Mlog, the
filling time is controlled by the Mlog.


  • Light and compact
  • Available with ATEX marking (No.: 8092365) and as non ATEX (No.: 8092365K)
  • Lightweight! Only 5.2 kg for easy transport (with battery + 15 l collection container); 10.5 kg with 10 Ah battery
  • Various start options
  • Start by ORI Mlog for measurement parameters such as: pH, Re-dox, Temp., Conductivity, O2, Ideal for event start.
  • Start by potential-free contact, e.g. push-button
  • Start by signal via RS485 bus
  • Different battery types and capacities
    Lead gel 10 Ah; NiMH 20Ah, non Ex Li ions 3.4 Ah.
  • Maintenance-friendly
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