Our company

What WE stand for

Millions of people have no access to clean water and every liter of untreated wastewater causes further contamination of this valuable resource.

Therefore, we must be able to use every drop of water more than once.

ORI has been developing, manufacturing equipment and trading products to determine wastewater and water quality since 1946.

We want to contribute to

  • make reprocessing possible
  • to share reprocessing costs fairly between the polluters
  • to detect disturbances in production processes at an early stage
  • to continuously monitor wastewater qualities in order to directly use wastewater for irrigation, for example
  • reliably detect unauthorized pollution or illegal production sites (drug laboratories) and convict the polluter
  • use the wastewater system as an early detection system to identify the spread of diseases more quickly

ORI stands for quality and also for safety. As the only manufacturer, ORI produces almost all of its own products according to the strict ATEX/IECEX guidelines. Our company, located in Hille/East Westphalia/Germany, is 100% family owned.

This enables us, together with our team, to shape our entrepreneurial activities in such a way that profitability is not the main purpose, but only seen as the basis for existence. Our drive is rather the passion to further develop our ideas in order to produce high quality products and services that protect the resource water.

Jörg Bödecker (CEO)