Be informed faster about possible covid 19 infections

mobile ATEX certified samplers from ORI for the use in the sewage systems detect local Covid hotspots

Since Covid 19 viruses enter the sewage system via the stool, infections can also be detected by means of a sewage sampling with subsequent lab- oratory analysis. Especially for monitoring purpos- es, important information can thus be obtained at an early stage. Infections can thus be detected before the person who is actually infected shows symptoms. When taking samples, the principle ap- plies that the closer one gets to potential sources of infection, the more accurate the results will be.

Although good experience has been gained in some countries with the determination of Covid 19 infections in the inflow of the wastewater treat- ment plant, one must nevertheless expect a signif- icant dilution of the sample and difficult local attri- bution of the analysis result. Therefore the mobile explosion-proof sampling devices of the Ori com- pany are particularly suitable for sampling close to a possible source directly in the sewer shaft (almost invisible).

Sampling should be carried out at that time, when the stool particles pass the sampling point. The NEMO product allows to trigger the right sampling start in combination with the Transmitter function and On Line sensors. This helps you to keep the sample volume as small as possible for the sub- sequent laboratory analysis ba a PCR device. Some of our partners worldwide are already using these methods to keep the effects of the Covid pandemic as low as possible.