First Flush Rain Measurement

With automatic sampling and data transfer to the ORI Mcloud

The task:
To record the temporally staggered pollution discharge into a receiving water body during heavy rainfall events.

Mobile NEMO hybrid sampler with online sensor technology for level measurement, pH, redox, conductivity and temperature. S.a. NEMO 1 MH and 12 x 1 L bottles.

The NEMO is armed by SMS after a dry period of at least 5 days. If the level in the pump sump is exceeded (over 8mA), sampling is started automatically. So that the rain event can also be evaluated in terms of time with regard to pollution, 6 programmes are carried out, each staggered by 15 minutes (with two doses of 1000ml per bottle). The picture below shows the ORI Mcloud, where the measurement course of the level measurement during a heavy rain event is clearly displayed.

The individual samples taken can be displayed in the Mcloud. This gives full control of when exactly a sample was filled into which bottle (1-12).

Together with the level measurement displayed in a chart, the individual samplings can be easily assigned over the duration of the rain event.

The NEMO enables the smart way of sampling.