Intelligent indirect discharger verification

You want to know more about your indirect dischargers - ORI offers the solution. With our sampling/transmitter devices NEMO and Mlog we offer you a new way of intelligent indirect discharger monitoring.

To this end, the wastewater structure of the discharger is first learned by means of on-line sensor technology. For this purpose, data from a few days are usually sufficient to create a so-called fingerprint of the discharger. The data from the on line sensors are transferred directly from the sewer manhole to the secure ORI Mcloud or directly to your GIS system (via FTP) using an explosion-proof GSM modem.

By means of simple and easy-to-use data transfer methods, the data can be used to create a fingerprint of the discharger.

Using simple on line measurement parameters such as pH, ORP, conductivity and temperature, "out of the ordinary" events of the discharger are detected and trigger starting points for sampling are establish

"You'll be surprised at the times when special discharger events occur."

Wastewater samples are only taken when there is truly an "unusual" discharge event and/or limit exceedance. The NEMO or Mlog system sends out an alarm SMS/email at this time so that the samples can be collected promptly and taken to the laboratory for further analysis. Thus, laboratory costs are only incurred when an event has actually occurred. Furthermore, the measured value history and also the individual samplings carried out can be made visible for checking at any time via the ORI Mcloud.

We are happy to offer you, in addition to the appropriate products, this service as a complete package.
The ORI service, consisting of appropriately trained specialists, takes over the installation, removal of the devices, calibration of the sensors, verification of the representative sampling as well as the shipment of the samples to a laboratory of your choice.

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